Sipet Pet Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

  • $20.99

All in one pet protectant. This shampoo contains natural extracts.

Red Pomegranate plant extract - Anti-oxidation
Lavender oil extract - Mood soothing
Cherry Blossom - anti-oxidation and soothing
Green Tea - Enhance the resistance to bacteria 



Proprietary Blend 

Volcanic Minerals to slow the build of bacteria, optimizing metabolism and strengthening immune system. 

Plant Extract Nutrients

Organic ingredients offering professional care of hair, skin and body oil, for comfort and health of your pets.

Skin Care & Insect-Repellant

Bring relief to skin rash and swelling, as well as an effective disinfectant and insect-repellant.

Mild & Allergy Free

Non-irritant blend causing no irritation to pets when bathing.

Healthy Hair

For better body and shinier hair after bathing.