Meet The Team

Hello! My name is Alejandra Mendieta-Flores.

I have been a dog trainer since 2018. I have cared for several dogs from Pitbulls, German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario with my partner and our three dogs: two German Shepherds and one Husky. Recently, I have started working alongside Stephanie and her company as of July 2020.

My passion has always been about animals, but my main focus right now is dogs. No matter where I am in life, dogs have had a big impact on the careers and paths that I have chosen for myself. Since I was a young child, I had dreamt about working with animals, and did everything I could to try and pursue that. I turned to books, documentaries and online videos to learn as much as I could about all species of animals, from domestic to wild.

After high school, I pursued a formal education at a college in Brampton, Ontario, for the Animal Care program in 2012. I stumbled upon a dog daycare that was not very far from my home and I did a placement for 2 weeks — in the daycare and with their head groomer — after which I was hired as a full-time employee.

7 years later, this gave me the opportunity to work with multiple different breeds of dogs (from small Chihuahuas to the biggest Great Danes), temperaments, levels of socialization and activity, and learning better techniques for safe and proper handling.

In January 2015, I sought to grow my experience and knowledge by enrolling for a Dog Obedience Instructor program. At my workplace at the time, I was able to work alongside their dog trainers over the years, watching from the sidelines, assisting in behaviour training/modification for puppies and dogs, and pitching in ideas for training sessions.

I was one of the full-time dog trainers since 2019, running puppy socialization classes, basic training sessions, as well as behaviour modification for reactive and anxious dogs. I consider myself a “balanced” dog trainer, using a combination of positive reinforcement and corrective methods to train dogs to learn and be better, safer and healthier with their owners. I still learn new things every day — from daily experiences and from other trainers — so I try to put that towards client sessions, as well as my own dogs.

I am committed to aiding dogs & other pets to be their best selves through training, socialization, trial and error, positive experiences, and full support. Just as dogs learn from their owners, owners can learn from their dogs. Building that healthy bond between them is what I always strive for, so no one is left behind or left feeling helpless.


Hello, fellow dog lovers!

My name is Crystal Pineda and I am a Humble Little Pets Boutique dog trainer!

In my early childhood I was raised with several animals in the house. My parents always felt it was necessary to be able to show love and compassion towards any type of animal.

As I got older I professionally started to work with animals. I was about 16 years old working at pet stores for just over 3 years. From working at PJ’s Pet Store, Big Al’s and PetSmart.

Working at a variety of pet stores gave me a lot of experience with products for animals, foods and with how to handle every day situations. Gaining these experiences helped me realize exactly where I wanted to set my focus. I decided to branch out into something more hands on and challenging.

I was able to find an incredible job with a doggy daycare centre. I have been working at this daycare now for 3 years and I continue to learn everyday. I have learned about the different types of dogs and their specific needs. My experience has given me the ability to assess dogs needs based on certain signs they are projecting. I specialize in correcting behavioural issues some owners may want corrected.

I was given the opportunity to start dog training in the Summer of 2019.

I found my true passion and it is working with dogs and training them! Training dogs is such a rewarding experience for me. Being able to see how happy my clients are about their dogs is thrilling. Also being able to see how the clients themselves start learning about their dogs behaviours is truly amazing.

I strive to bring that same feeling to all my clients.

I promise to always show patience, compassion and love to any and all dogs that I am able to work with.