Waffles' First Summer by Jacqueline Valencia

Hi! I’m Waffles! My human mom is Crystal and she’s the best. But enough about her, let’s talk about meeee!

Well you see I’m a very curious puppy! Everything must go in my mouth because this is how I experience the world. Grass is green, so what does green taste like? Wood is brown, what does brown taste like? Dandelions are fluffy. OH MY! WHAT DOES FLUFFY TASTE LIKE?

As temperatures get warmer, (hello, this happens in Canada?), and the world gets greener, I’ve been experiencing new things I want to taste. I’m a fairly new dog, so life feels pretty amazing already. There are so many things that look so very good. However, some things look like they taste good, but maybe they’re... dangerous? Once I saw a fuzzy cute yellow and black thing. It totally looked like a miniature chew toy, or a friend I would like to look at and taste. However, it turned out it was something called a bee and it stung me! How rude.

The truth is as a puppy, I am full of a lot of energy and it makes me go zoom a lot of the time, especially when I see my grandma Diana. OMG she’s like Crystal times ten. I get very excited about the people that love me. So if there’s green, flowers, and my favourite people around, look out! I’m rushing into their arms for the hugs and kisses.

The thing is that when it comes to being a dog I’m full tilt especially during the summer. Therefore, having a mom like Crystal is especially awesome because she will be attentive to my energy and my need for attention. I’m a puppy, a little guy, thus that caveat goes ten times, but I know I will mellow out with age. However, I want to experience life in all its beauty right now. I’m really lucky.I hope that all puppies like me are given the space, time, and patience to grow into our families and our families to grow into us. I hit the jackpot.