Traveling with your pet by Jacqueline Valencia

Summer brings vacation and travel, but what to do about your cat or dog? I don’t know about you, but arranging for care for the ones you love gives me an anxiety that prevents me from enjoying a vacation. So if I leave my pet, I’ll be worrying about my pet, (this isn’t the case so much these days, since my pet has both traveled with me and been left in the care of dog caring folk). If I take my pet, I’ll be worrying about my pet’s comfort and safety. So this topic is entirely for those who know their pets well and that is where this must start.


If your dog is an anxious type who prefers their regular surroundings and their schedule being kept, I would suggest you look into dog sitters or someone your dog knows well to care for them while you are away. This way your pet will have companionship and feel safe in their own home and their regular surroundings. If your pet is social, there are many dog care and cat care centres you can look into for extended stays. These can be a bit spendy, but if you have a pet, you want the very best for them. Again, do your research and look into the reviews of both pet sitters and pet day care.

There are also many good ways you can include your pet in your travels. Cats tend to do better on car road trips, only if you train them and if they are ok with how to be in your car. As with anything with pets, consult your vet about what is the best way to transport your pet, since your cat or dog may require medication to calm them for the voyage. A harness or a pet carrier are highly recommended in case of an accident. You should factor in a bathroom and stretch break for pets every 2 to 3 hours (according to their regular schedule at home), and cats can be in a carrier for up to 8 hours. Never let your pets hang their heads outside the car window. And never, ever, ever, leave your pets alone in a car unattended.


There are pet friendly destinations, but this relies entirely on the pet owner looking into the voyage there and back and the hotel or resort that they will be staying in being pet friendly. There are plenty of sites online that give pet parents ideas on places to stay or the accommodations that can be made for your pets. Cottages and hike trails are amazing for dogs. Cats are better with cat friendly vacation rentals that can keep your cat indoors. If your dog or cat are great with the outdoors, make sure they are always leashed, have their collars and leashes with their ID, microchipped, and have their vaccinations up to date.


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