The most popular pet of 2021 by Jacqueline Valencia for Humble Little Pets

According to PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) the most popular pets of 2021 are:

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Rabbits
  4. Indoor Birds



Let’s take a look at why these pets would be good for you!




Dogs can be very faithful companions and bring a lot of joy and love into a home. The thing to remember with a canine friend is that they require training and attention. Training a dog to come when asked, to sit when required to sit, et cetera, is imperative to a human parent and dog’s relationship. Of course, when adopting a dog, it is very important that not only you find the right dog for your home situation, but most importantly, that you make sure you are able to meet your dog's needs and aim for its happiness, just like any other member of the family.




Cats are often a low maintenance pet, but every cat is unique. Depending on the age, temperament, and the situation the cat came from, cats can also be as hands on as dogs. However, there isn’t much need for training or an every day particular schedule or need for space that cats have as opposed to their canine counterparts. You won’t have to walk a cat a couple of times a day, even though some might actually like it. As long as you're there to care for your cat and give it the toys and attention (they demand), then cats would be an easier going option for you.




Ah yes bunnies! I love rabbits. Rabbits are not like cats and they are not like dogs. Although they can be litter trained like cats, their abodes need to be cleaned every day. They require a fenced in space (like a tiny barn), a supply of hay, hiding spaces, and toys to keep them occupied. They do require a lot of social interaction with their human parents as well. While the tendency is to pick up and snuggle a bunny, most bunnies do not enjoy this and will nip to defend themselves. Rabbits have huge personalities; it requires a lot of care and attention to discover it.


Indoor Birds


Birds can make wonderful pets and they can be very loyal and social. Like all of the pets above, they require daily care, (and vet visits), and need to be made to feel like part of the family, because they are. A bird needs it’s space (a cage) and flying area as well. They need toys to keep them busy and stimulated. Regular care of birds includes social time with their human, flying time to give them what they were born to do, routine, and lots of love.


  1. Photo by Richard Brutyo on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash
  3. Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash
  4. Photo by Sara Rolin on Unsplash