Summer activities for pets by Jacqueline Valencia

The summers’ are getting hotter, and your pets are getting a little lazier as a result. However, summer is also the perfect time to get them out (or inside), for some hot weather fun. 

Around this time, cats can be seen basking in a sunbeam or snoozing in a cool corner. If you have air conditioning, they’re more than likely just napping or looking for pets. If you have an indoor cat, you can use their natural need to hunt to their advantage. Puzzle toys are great motivators to keep them going. Hide some of their meals in them and watch them get active searching for a bite. Laser pens also have them running off to hunt (they also come in automatic toy form).

Make some frozen cat treats to help your kitty stay hydrated. Meat or chicken soup broth frozen in ice cube trays should supply both nutrition and a few minutes of activity as it melts. And since we’re talking about water, get a cat fountain. I know that a lot of cats don’t enjoy playing with water, but some do and a water fountain will encourage them to play with it. Add toys to their regular drinking water and watch them hunt for their toys there too.

Dogs in the summer are the coolest dudes. Their noses are constantly on patrol for the hot weather scents and looking for evidence of other canines. They are easier pets to keep entertained in the heat. Most of them love and can swim, so you can take them along to the lake, beach, or pool. They love sprinklers, kiddie pools, and even hoses if you run around with them.

Go hiking (and this is something you might be able to do with an outdoor loving cat on a leash too). Camping and travel are always something open to dogs, just do your research as to what is necessary for your pal’s comfort. There are some restaurant patios that allow pets. Call ahead or research your pet-friendly patios. Honestly, if you can take the dog out with you and keep its regular feeding and walking schedule at the same time, then your furry best friend can join you.

When it comes to cats and dogs, the summer months are very much about common sense and what your pet enjoys. The key is to consider their safety and the preferences they have at home and outside. Make sure your pets are vaccinated and up to date on meds and you should be fine for the summer with them.

1. Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

2. Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash
3. Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash