Reasons Why Your Dog May Bark

All dogs bark, big or small. The main reason why dogs bark at the end of the day is for: communication.

Barking, whining, and howling are all different ways dogs tend to express themselves when either playing with a doggy friend, wanting their owner’s attention, or even as warning signals.

It is only when the dog’s barking becomes excessive that this becomes problem barking.

Here are some reasons as to why your dog may exude excessive barking:

They Were Born to Bark: certain breeds tend to bark more than others. It has been said that barking is in their genes. Some may bark from dusk till dawn and some may barely bark. Although, any breed of dog can exhibit excessive barking.


The Physical Need: Your dog requires something from you. Either they are hot, cold, hungry or thirsty. It can also be due to lack of exercise for certain breeds who like to run around and are very active. Barking is a way your dog is trying to get your attention about what they want or need.


The Emotional Need: This can be anywhere from a spoiled dog, one who is craving your constant attention or a dog who may have some attachment issues. Your dog may either be bored, excited or anxious and to them, this is the best way to express this to you.


The Environmental Component: Environmental cues can cause excessive barking (other dogs barking, cars on the road, sirens, bad storms etc.) Some dogs who have been confined for long periods of time can also start experiencing excessive barking. They could be uncomfortable in their current environment and are barking nice and loud to get your attention.


With these points in mind, excessive barking is not likely to improve without intervention from you, the owner. Both positive and negative reinforcements will assist with correcting your dogs barking habits. Make sure to use these tactics while the barking is occurring. Remember, DO NOT reinforce the barking behaviour by giving into your dog’s demand for attention. Reward your dog when they are finally quiet and are being well behaved.

Remember to be patient and consistent with your dog.

Just like humans, at times dogs cannot help themselves. They require our guidance, care and love. With proper correction they will be model citizens in no time.