Prince Titi

Every member of your family is unique and it’s no different when it includes a pet. Both cats and dogs can be very endearing and clever in their own ways. Birds are not to be left out in the personality game. Whether they talk or not, pet birds bring a huge presence to every home they are in.

Meet Titi. Titi is a spunky budgerigar who lives with his loving parents, Luz and Roberto (aka Mami and Papi, according to him). You would think that the life of a domesticated bird would be dull and boring, but not Titi’s! This classy 15 year old boy has his days filled with fun and glamour.

To begin with, like most budgies, their lives revolve around their cage. However, Titi, here has his own television. He watches the news, the soaps, thought provoking documentaries, and keeps up date with the entertainment news. Want to know what’s going on with Brad Pitt? Titi will know. Want to know about the newest hook ups in a soap opera, Titi will talk your ear off about it.There’s a caveat to this all though. Titi only speaks in Spanish! Such an exotic fella.  

Every day when he wants his bath, Titi asks his mom, “¡Mami baño!” and his bath will be drawn for him. When the family is going to head out, Mami and Papi grab a carrier and take him with them. That is some amazing family commitment right there. Titi will call out, “¡Nos vamos!” as they take him to the grocery store or to run errands.

In his old age, Titi isn’t able to walk anymore, but this doesn’t stop him from going places. His Mami and Papi will pick him up and place him wherever he needs to be. When Titi is hungry he lets his people know and food will be right at his side. And as demanding as this little spitfire can be, he also has a cute habit of hanging out on Luz’s glasses, just to share in her perspective of the world. At night, he’ll tell her when it’s time for bed. Luz will lovingly tuck him into his little mansion and bid him goodnight. Prince Titi has quite the life.

The story of a charming bird called Titi, is a good example of pet friendship and parentage. Bird friends can be as committed and entertaining as every animal on the pet spectrum. It takes a great pet parent though to dedicate their lives to these truly miniature family members.