Preparing your dog for Spring by Jacqueline Valencia

The snow with the caked in dirt is slowly melting and you hear cardinals in the trees. With the Spring thaw comes the organic scents of dog parks and the places people have used as dog parks. There are now buds on the trees. It’s always an overwhelming moment when you first realize Spring has arrived. Along with tax season there is one thing dog owners have on their minds: it’s time to prepare the canines.

Put away those big pup winter coats and stash away the booties that have protected your fur friends’ paws from itchy salt on the ground. It’s time to prepare for a new season full of green grass, new smells, and warmer weather. Here are some tips for dog owners on how to prepare: 

  1. Book a vet appointment. All dogs should have a yearly check-up and Spring seems to be the best time for it. The vet can update all your pet’s vaccinations, continue heart worm and flea and tick prevention. It’s always advisable to make sure everything is OK with your dog because unlike us, dogs can’t really tell us if something is wrong inside of them, with a few exceptions in behavioural changes, of course. Express any new concerns or get any new tips you might need from your veterinarian.
  1. If your dog isn’t spayed or neutered, please get them spayed or neutered. Not only does it help prevent pet overpopulation, but it has been known to quell unwanted behaviours and extend the life of your pup.
  1. It’s time to get your dog to exercise. Pup might not have been too active lately because of the colder temperatures. Sure, there are a lot of big puffy dogs out there that adore the snow, but there are some smaller ones that would rather avoid shivering during their fun time outside. Like humans, dogs tend to gain some winter weight for protection as well. It’s the perfect time to play/teach fetch with your dog. Throw a ball or take your dog for longer walks. Teaching your pup new tricks is also a fun way to both connect and get your canine friend some much needed physical activity. It’s time to enjoy the Sun!

  1. Keep a lookout for any new behaviours in your dog. This is to make sure there are new allergies developing. Excessive licking of paws or diarrhea can be obvious signs. Check your pet’s ears for any mites as well.
  1. Update any info that might have changed to your dog’s chip tags. If you’ve moved or have a new phone number, these should all be reflected on them if they are included.
  1. Check your yard to make sure all gutters and drains are clean. Get rid of any standing water to prevent your pet getting heart worm.
  1. It’s also a great time for toy and pet supply changes. Mend or get rid of any toys that are just too far gone. You can pick up new ones here!:
  1. Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Genny Dimitrakopoulou on Unsplash