On Mother’s Day by Jacqueline Valencia

Cagney, a tiny rag doll cat, was attacking her human mother’s pillow. It was 3am and, according to Cagney, it was time to party. Her mom, Judy, was lying down and doing nothing! Surely, she didn’t know how time works for tiny cats. Silly human. 

Cagney tried meowing at her, but Judy put her pillow over her head to shut out her voice. Then Cagney jumped off the bed and started clawing at the bottom of the dresser drawer. That would surely get Judy up. And it worked! She got up, picked Cagney up, placed her in the hallway, and shut the door. This was not the expected result.

The next morning, Judy came out of her room, bleary eyed and her black hair all a mess, to feed her cat. Cagney did her best to try to ignore her, but she knew she had to express her disappointment to her human in a series of yowls, the song of her kitty people.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll get you your food. One second, I have to call my mom,” Judy said as she pulled out the cell phone from her bathrobe pocket. Cagney stood by her food and water bowls staring at Judy. How could Mom think this was an acceptable thing to a cat! Cagney picked some water from one of the bowls and licked it off her paw.

“Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I miss you so much. Could I come by for lunch?” she asked.

Cagney’s ears perked up and thought about it. Who is she talking to when she should be giving me my food?


“Oh, of course, you could come here! See you later at lunch time then. Love you.” Judy put the phone back in her pocket and smiled. Opening the cabinet drawer, she scooped some cat food from a plastic bin and poured it into Cagney’s bowl.

“Cagney! Mom’s coming. You will be a good kitty for her visit. Who am I kidding, you’re the best kitty! The cutest, most adorable little baby…” and then Judy started humming a song dedicated to Cagney, “Cagney fights crime by being cute. Cagney the super duper cat! Super duper cat!”

While this sort of behaviour regularly annoyed Cagney, she also knew that somehow this mom of her mom visiting made Judy very happy. Judy’s mother traveled a lot for work and it wasn’t too often that she got to see her mom. One night during a bath, Judy told Cagney all about her mom and said, “I wonder what your mother was like? You love me? You love your mom? YOU BETTER LOVE ME,” and booped Cagney’s twee nose,


Mom. My mom. A concept too big for Cagney to consider, but nonetheless, if Judy was as important to her every day, then this mom business was a big deal. As she thought about all of this mom stuff again, Judy started cleaning the apartment and dusting most of the cat fur off of the furniture. That’s going to take a long time to replace, Cagney thought. After devouring her food, and tired of all this thinking, Cagney took to a series of naps.

When she woke up, Cagney noticed Judy sitting with her mom on the couch. Stretching her kitty paws, she decided to join them.

“Oh, Cagney! How are you? Have you been protecting your mommy? You better have,” she said in a voice from a face that was so similar to Judy’s. Cagney curled up in between Judy and her mom and began to purr as the two women petted her fur and spoke to her like she was the greatest cat in the world.

“Mom’s are great,” Cagney thought to herself. She actually said it out loud, but to Judy and her mother, it came out as little cat chirps.

1. Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

2. Photo by Klugzy Wugzy on Unsplash