Nita Faces The Monster Outside Her Home by Jacqueline Valencia

It was dark and early morning when my mom took me out for my walk. I spend a lot of time looking at her as we go down the elevator. I mostly want to show how excited I am to be going outside by wagging my tail. That day though, I was super happy we were going out because she had brought a treat bag with her! You see, I don’t respond to treats when mom wants to show me something new, but I totally love them after a long walk, so this meant she took me on a big walk. However, I don’t think we were prepared for what was going to happen that day.

 As mom opened the door, I spotted a big thing on the lake. It looked ginormous and I was very curious to find out what it was. I pulled at my leash, (even though I shouldn’t), and tried to show mom where I wanted to go. Eventually, she let me lead her towards the big thing. This is what I saw.


Mom said it was called a “barge.” It looked friendly enough started making noises! There were people in big yellow uniforms on it making all sorts of screeching sounds. All of a sudden it looked like it had teeth! That’s when I literally tucked tail and ran pulling mom right behind me.


With my eyes, I asked mom, “What is that monster? Why is it here? Why doesn’t it go away so I can play? It’s going to eat me!” I jumped into her arms, and I would not let her take me near it again, even though it was right at the spot I like to play in. 

Mom tried her best to calm me down, but all I could focus on was on the Yellow Monster with the Teeth that was going to eat me one day. It has been by the water making noises for a long time since and I don’t like it! This is me not liking it!


For the next couple of days, I tried my best to avoid the area the big Yellow Monster was at. It didn’t matter though because I had to pass it if I wanted to see my fellow doggy friends. My habit was to pull hard and run, trying hard to get away, even though I was hurting mommy’s arm. I know she had leash trained me, but I forget all that when it comes to running for dear life!

Mom though found a couple of solutions to help me. I don’t know how she did it, but the Monster started having less teeth? It became less noticeable after a little while too. I was just too distracted by the prospect of going out to play again, that everything seemed a little better. This is me looking at the Yellow Monster with my tail up, not worrying about it.


Halloween is just around the corner, and I hear you get to dress up to look like scary things too! See? I can make the Monster think I’m a big scary vampire or a shark even! WE’LL SEE WHO’S TUCKING TAIL AND RUNNING NEXT TIME BUDDY! BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!