My First Spring by Jacqueline Valencia

As a young puppy, it was a long trek from El Paso Texas to Toronto. The journey was by car and it took a few days for me to get to the foster home that took me in Toronto. There, I was so scared of these new people trying to talk to me and get me to do things.

I was just really shy, and my foster parents were incredibly patient with me and let me do my business in a nice corner on a pee pad. However, after a few times I was taken outside and guess what? It was so very cold and there was all this fluffy stuff outside to walk in. I was a little afraid of it, but after watching some other pups play in it, I decided to get up and sniff it. Soon the sniffing turned to running around. It could eat it! I could jump in it! And guess what? I could do my business in it! It was the perfect cushioning and cover, because I missed the grass where I came from.

My foster parents gave me a thick coat and even boots to protect my paws from the salt. They laughed when I tried the boots on though. I got used to a lot of things in the cold weather and was pretty happy that this was going to be my forever.  

It was a few months later that my foster parents put a little hat on me and gave me a doggie cake. I took a big bite and they cheered. They said that they adopted me! This place WAS going to be my forever home! I looked outside the house windows and saw the big sun up in the sky. It felt like the greatest day ever and I gave my new parents a lot of sloppy kisses.

Mom said,” Time for outside! Today we just need this little sweater,” she held up a colourful fuzzy thing that still looked like a coat.

With my sweater and my human we ventured outside for a run in the snow. But there was very little of it! Where did all the snow go? And why was I not shivering from the cold?


The sun beat down on my ears and it felt a little like my old home again though. THERE WAS SO MUCH TO SNIFF! I sniffed all the trees and the dirt around the melting snow. The other dogs and humans started to smell more because they weren’t wearing so much. It was dog heaven. I could tell where I was again because my nose is the strongest thing on my body. I can sniff good things, bad things, and I can direct myself better when I’m running around with my humans and other dogs. As I ran around the dog park, I looked up at the sun, the grass, the trees looking happier, and even more birds around us, I wagged my tail and panted a little to get in more air.

The snow was almost gone and everyone at the park, especially my parents, seemed a little happier. I ran towards them with a twig between my teeth. I was truly home.


  1. Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash
  2. Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash