Lolita’s Surprise Cottage Trip

*Buzz buzz buzz*

My humans alarm goes off, but I know she likes to ignore the first one, so I won’t get out of my bed until she does…so I’ll wait….and there she goes! Off to the washroom to begin our regular Sunday. She brushes her teeth, I lay down at her feet, she makes coffee, I lay down at her feet, she serves my breakfast…. I walk away and eat it later.

Just another regular Sunday where I begin the hard work of laying on one of my 6 beds in the house. So, I find the bed I want, spin around and begin the day!
*Ring Ring*

My humans phone seems to be…ringing? On OUR Sunday? Hmm. She is walking around and talking. I should follow her and see if I could help somehow. Did she say “cottage” …. what is that? The bed I have upstairs?

Anyways, why is she walking so fast? Now she’s telling that guy she always calls “Huzbend” about this “cottage”. She appears excited so, I guess I’m excited too! They seem to be packing a bunch of their things into a bag. So, while they do that, I’ll lay on bed number 3. I’m guessing we’ll go upstairs soon.

WAIT! Where did they go… they left with the bags! I cannot believe they left me! They forgot me, how dare they lea… oh they’re back! So, let’s go lay down like any other Sunday. Wait…did she just jingle my LEASH!! HERE WE GO! I can’t wait to go outside. That golden retriever down the street keeps marking his territory in front of his house…. like it’s HIS!

They open the door and here we go…down the stree… wait… why is she putting me in this car! WE’RE GOING FOR A RIDE! This day keeps getting better. We start moving and I see so many things I can pee on, like that tree, that tree, that tree too!

*1 Hour passes*

….and that tree, and that one. Hmm, this ride seems longer than usual. I should go to the front of the car to see how I can help speed this up so we can go home and lay down.

My human tells me we’re almost there, and my legs are tired from standing at the window and seeing all of my trees, so I’ll lay down on my car bed and take a quick nap.

*2 hours Pass*

The car is slowing down, and this place doesn’t look like any of my beds… but there are more trees. We walk into this house that smells like *sniff sniff* pine, *sniff*, water and *sniff* wood? Well, I’m sure we’ll leave soon. There is no way we miss our mid-day sleep.

So, it’s getting darker, and she’s dressed like she is going to sleep… but her bed isn’t here… and I only have 1 bed here… strange. After a couple of walks outside I didn’t smell that golden retriever anywhere and since we’ve been here for a couple of hours, I guess this is our new home! Awesome.

We’re going to bed now and I can’t wait to live the rest of our lives here.

Day 2

…hmmm… her alarm isn’t going off… but it’s time to get up… oh wait! There she goes… ok so let’s go to the washroom… wait that’s not the washroom… oh, it’s this one. Ok time for coffee… I eat and it’s time to lay down by the couch. Wait… we’re going outside? Is that water? This thing they keep calling the “dock”? keeps moving… it smells kind of like… fish?

I don’t know what this “dock” is, but I do know I don’t like water. So, I’ll just go over here by the grass. My human asks me if I want to swim. Hmm, I’ve never thought of it before. Maybe I’ll try…maybe I’ll put my paws in… She picks me up and I put my paw in… it’s cold! Why would anyone go in this water on purpose?

After another long day of laying, sleeping and eating we’re sitting outside by a large fire. It’s so nice and toasty. I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.

A few days later…

After a few days we seem to have a great routine. I’m not a huge fan of all these other animals we’re seeing though. My human keeps saying they’re “cute”. I’m cute!! That word is reserved for me! We seem to be putting things back in bags. Does this mean what I think it means? Back in the car we go!

There are all the trees I haven’t sniffed yet. But since we seem to be on this long drive again, I’m just going to lay on my bed and sleep. When I finally wake up, we’re in my neighbourhood again. There’s my front grass and my tree.

These few days were such a great surprise, and I can’t wait till we go to a cottage again…though, next time we should bring more of my beds.