Holiday Magic by Jacqueline Valencia

It was a night before some sort of event I know nothing about. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. A mouse? Where? Oh, it's just me, Sprinkles the kitty. All week my whiskers have been twitching as my humans have been bringing things inside that live outside. It’s quite ridiculous. At first, it was pine cones and smelly tree branches. Now it’s this tree and they seem pretty excited about it.



I adopted my family just after this time last year so I flummoxed as to what they’re doing and why they are doing it. The humans seem to be in a happy mood and that makes me suspicious, since it’s been a very odd year. First, it was them staying in more or coming home earlier from whatever they do outside the house fence. I’d try to follow them when they’d go out, but the fence only goes as far as where the tree used to be.


All around things have been more comfortable than usual with extra pets and having the humans around more. They even set up a fire in a place where there never was one. So when it gets cold, I stretch wide and lay myself in front of it. It crackles, soothes me, and smells nice.


It all didn’t make much sense to me until one day the small and big humans were being loud and running around trying to put on things on their feet and their bodies. I swear they looked like giant puffy treats while trying to get outside. I wanted to see what all the kerfuffle was about.



Oh! There was white stuff falling out of the sky! It looked scary, but at the same time yummy. I watched from inside as my humans ran around in it. They would throw themselves in it and even make balls to throw it at each other. My little cat heart didn’t know what to make of it.


One of the littles kept pulling at the lady human’s arm and pointing at me in the window. The man human checked the yard and opened the door….

I looked out of the door. It was overwhelming! The sky light outside was shining bigger than I have ever seen it in the window. Is this what magic is? It made the ground with the white stuff light up and something about it made me want to jump in. So I did.


 It was so cold, not delicious, and to add to the embarrassment, my family laughed hard at me! However, it’s me. Sprinkles! I always play it cool.



I ran back inside.

The humans call it snow and it’s very pretty, but I don’t like to be cold or uncomfortable. I waited until they came back inside and did this after putting the smallest to sleep.


They put stuff on the inside tree. For once in a big year, my family looked very happy to be at home together. I am so glad I adopted them and claimed them as my own. For as you see, they’re mine and they should always remember the miracle of Sprinkles just snuggling and being home.




1. Photo by Anthony de Kroon on Unsplash
2. Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
3. Photo by Dimitra Terzi on Unsplash
4. Photo by Donnie Rose on Unsplash
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