Halloween Pet Costumes with Humble Little Pets

It’s October and Halloween is ON. A lot of pet parents are just waiting for the night to showcase their best fur friends to the world in the cutest of outfits.


We have Cuzco & Hagen bow ties and by attaching it to your dog or cat’s collar, instant business pet! Get a second one and twin with your pal!



Hear me out. Get a Gizmo’s T-shirt in green, put it on your pet. Paint up a foil pie pan in green. Attach a rope to the ends of it. Tie it on top of the t-shirt: instant turtle costume!

You can change it up by getting the orange T-shirt and painting up the pie pan in orange to make a pumpkin!


Put Lola’s Raincoat on your pet and fashion a stop sign for you to carry. You are now a crossing guard team!



Put Molly’s striped t-shirt on your pet and get yourself a matching Breton shirt. You are now twinning as french movie stars. Or add hats or beret’s to become sailors!


If your dog likes to carry their chew toys in their mouths, fashion some paper rabbit ears and have them carry the carrot! Instant rabbit costume. You can even add the little barbell to the striped shirt above and make them into strong weightlifting pets!

There are so many things you can do to create some fun costumes out of simple things that your pet can use beyond Halloween. Have fun with it and make sure your pets stay away from the human candy and get their own treats, which you can find here!: https://humblelittlepets.com/collections/treats