Grizzly & The Easter Bunny by Jacqueline Valencia

 So, I heard from my lovely human, Crystal, there is a bunny coming to visit today! 

I looked up at her giving her my best puppy eyes, “Is it true?” If so, where is it? I mean, I just want to see it! I want to catch and give it to you, my queen.

Here are my qualifications:

  • I am very good at spotting things most people don’t. I often stare at walls or the air, but that’s because I’m always on alert. I follow you making sure you’re not any danger. I growl to protect you. Surely, a little bunny will not be a threat in our home if I’m here to help you!
  • I like to cuddle and be at your side. I’m sure that if I find the Easter bunny that we can be fast friends. You’ll have me giving you hugs first thing in the morning and the Easter bunny can follow suit!
  • I will not rest until things are done, (like finding this bunny). I will wake you up to feed me breakfast ON TIME and to take me out for my walk. Therefore, I am a good candidate to help you out with your bunny dilemma. 

As you see I am ready and prepared for this Easter Bunny hunt, but I don’t understand why the dog gate is up and why *I* have to wait for a bit today while you hunt for the rabbit! I’ve been told that the bunny leaves Easter egg chocolates (which sound DELICIOUS, by the way), and I could totally help with those! Just let me see and sniff and I will so find this bunny and his wares!




*An hour later*

Crystal and I went for a walk on this Hunting day, and I found two geese and a squirrel and tried to catch them to bring home for the family. She had some chocolate and refused to give any to ME! She said something about them being bad for my tummy. She fed me my regular treats instead, which I will accept. There were no bunnies, and I am incredibly sorry I didn’t bring any home with us.

However, when we got home, I didn’t see chocolate or bunnies, but I found a lot of new dog goodies for ME! Thank you my queen Crystal! It’s all I ever hoped for and I didn’t have to hunt for these!

Now this hunt is one of my favourite holidays of all!


So, to all the dogs out there, the Easter Bunny might be the most elusive creature, but if you let your humans find it, they will give you treats! It might not make sense, but I say it’s a win-win!