Doggy Daycare by Jacqueline Valencia

I work from home so it’s pretty flexible for me to care for my kids and pets. However, there are places and some workplaces I still have to get to that require me to be away for hours from home. It’s important for myself, as with many dog parents, that their pup not suffer from separation anxiety. This is particularly an issue with new dog parents. Even if you believe your pup is ok alone, without the issue of tearing apart furniture, soiling their crate or your belongings, you might get a notice from your neighbours or landlord stating that your dog is making a lot of noise by barking or crying.

There are many solutions for this: training separation anxiety out of your pup, getting a dog sitter, getting a dog walker, and something I’ve often considered, doggy daycare.



1. Your pup will learn to socialize with other dogs really quickly. Considering the onslaught of new dog adoptions from shelters, especially from dire conditions which include pet hoarding, this is very much a positive. Dogs really learn a lot from other dogs and gain confidence with them.

2. Your dog will have company all day. The main thing is that while you're busy at work, you can have the confidence that your pup is getting socialization, exercise, fed, and keeping busy not missing you.

3. A lot of doggy daycares are staffed with folk who love dogs. They will make sure your dog gets activity, monitor any sort of weird behaviours you might want to focus on, and once your pup gets home, they might even be too tired for another walk.




1. I am generally very pro-daycare for pets. Dogs very much need to be mentally and physically stimulated throughout their day, so being in a daycare is very much a positive idea. However, it is an unregulated industry. You must do your homework. Read reviews and make inquiries into the daycares you are considering for your pup.

2. Since they are unregulated, you won’t be assured as to how much attention your dog will be getting. There are many pet owners and as such, daycares tend to assist in caring for a lot of dogs. If your dog is unsocialized or doesn’t have the proper training for it, you can never be certain that your pup is getting the attention it needs during the day when you are not there.

3. While it’s great to think that your pup is around a lot of other dogs and getting all the physical activity it needs, so many dogs in one place can be a breeding ground for illnesses. Many daycares screen dogs for kennel cough and other illnesses that require vaccination, but that does not make them immune to other diseases or even bites as well. Not all dogs will have the same temperaments and behavioural education.


In conclusion, it is very much my recommendation that if you are considering a doggy daycare, to please do your google searches and even contact other pet owners you might know about these spaces. Having a pupper in need of daycare or attention when you are busy is a good concern to have, but so is knowing how your pup will be attended to. Our dogs trust us, therefore, advocate!


1. Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

2. Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash