Cool Toys for your dog! by Jacqueline Valencia

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out to look for new toys for my pets. It is a good rule to check your pet’s toys ever so often to find any wear and tear and to see if their toys need to be replaced. A good place to look for replacements is right here at Humble Little Pets!


Comes in various colours ($2.99)

Most dogs love to play fetch and a frisbee is a great way of upping that game to eleven! There’s no icky plastic for your dog to ingest and rubber tends to be flexible in your pet’s jaw grip.


Plush Animal Squeaky Toy

Comes in different animal styles ($12.99)


Made of durable materials and cute as a button, these plush toys will give your dog hours of amusement. If they seem uninterested, try spreading a tiny bit of peanut butter or their favourite treat on it and watch them go at it. It helps that they’re washable.



Comes in different sizes and colours starting at $1.49

Dogs LOVE playing tug of war with these things, but they are also helpful for fetch. Teach them to carry them in their mouths like a prize instead of a stick that can often splinter off and hurt gums. Braided rope is safe and also machine washable.

Rubber ball with flashing lights

Comes in various colours. $7.99

These rubber balls light up and will spark the play, sneak, and hunt instincts inside your little wolf. With adorable little paw prints cut out on them, it offers a good grip for your pet to pick up and carry around.

You will find many more engaging toys, not only for your dog, but for your cats and birds over at the boutique. I’m going to make a list for my little fur coven since autumn is right on the horizon.