A holiday dog and cat gift guide by Jacqueline Valencia

It’s November and thoughts of winter and the upcoming holidays come to mind. But no matter what you celebrate, it’s never too early to start planning that perfect gift for your loved ones, including your pets! Here at Humble Little Pets Boutique, we’ve been super busy with bringing you the best we can for your furry loved ones. Let’s see what we’ve got!


One of the things that is most imperative to a dog’s happy life is entertainment. Not just walks or TV, but interactive entertainment that they can enjoy with their parents. Toys come in handy here. Look for things that use a dog's natural instincts to find, dig, pull, and collect. You can use rope toys to play tug of war with your pup and in turn, they can use them as chew toys when they are alone. Create a great game of fetch inside and outside with sturdy tennis balls. Toys also don’t always have to be about things they do with you, but things that test your pet’s brain. Think of toys you can hide treats in that make your pup work for its reward.



Animal Plush Rope Squeaky Toys 12.99

Assorted Paw Tennis Ball Bundle 4.99

Olive’s Planet Toy 14.99



Cats need as much stimulation as dogs, especially when they are kittens. Since they’re predators by nature (and babies by heart), felines love games to chase at, hunt for, and that keep them busy. Toys that have feathers provoke their inner hunter and what better way to do that than with accessories that have feathers and shiny attachments. Every cat is plenty entertained with hidden treats, especially catnip stuffed toys.


Sylvester’s Fishing Rod 9.99



 Stark’s Bell Ball Bundle 4.99


And for both cats and dogs, a pet bed goes a long way. Every pet needs a place to themselves and there are so many pet hutches out there that can fit with your decor. Also, sometimes cats and dogs get cold. To both satisfy our love for dressing up our furry friends (when they consent to it!), and to keep them warm or less anxious, get them a little wardrobe of their own.



Humble’s Animal Beds (Choose from Crocodile, Giraffe, and Pig) 22.99


Molly’s Striped T-Shirt 9.99

Cheepet’s Fruit Turtleneck 19.99


  1. Photo by allison christine on Unsplash