A Cupid’s Tale by Jacqueline Valencia

I was passing by the kitchen one day when I spotted a weird commotion outside the glass doors to the backyard. A blur of orange fluff was bouncing outside. My ears perked and I was ready to defend my abode.

“What’s up, Patch? Is there something outside?” my human mom asked. 

I barked that there was an orange fluff outside, but no one understood me. I crouched down and inspected it closer from inside. There was a cat outside and it was attacking mom’s flowers!

“Mom! There’s a flower attacking evil outside! Let me out! I can get it to stop for you!”

Of course all my mom heard was, “Bark woof woof bark woof woof!” 

I sat by the window and watched this orange predator and it seemed to have caught her attention. She stopped pouncing on mom’s flowers and came over, or rather she slowly sauntered over.  

“Hi! My name is Asha. Who are you?” she blinked slowly as she asked me from the other side of the pane of glass.

Oh I understood her! I knew what she was saying!  

“I’m Patch and I protect this house. Please stop stomping on my mom’s flowers,” I replied.

“I would, but I was chasing a mouse who happened to be digging in her flowers. I’m sorry. I hope to catch it so it will stop digging there,” she gestured to my mom’s garden.

“Well, yes, thank you for doing that,” I replied.

I looked at Asha and saw that despite all her fluff, she had brushed herself in a very becoming way. The top of her head was fully orange, but the slick towards her tail was entirely white. Her white whiskers were long and kind of flowed as she walked. She seemed harmless and I decided to find out more about her.

“Where do you live, Asha?”

“Everywhere. I don’t have a house to live in. I live out here,” she said.

“Wow! Even in the winter?”

“Yes. It’s not the best, but this house you live in, often leaves a box with a warm place for me to hide in, just over there,” she pointed her pretty paw to the space under the garage.

“I did not know they did that. I just figured the smells coming from there were from other critters trying to get shelter,” I said. I did often find squirrels coming out of that space and even chipmunks, but never a cat!

“I’ve always wanted a home. You are so lucky, Patch,” Asha started rubbing herself against the window close to me before settling in elegantly to clean herself. She stopped and looked up, “I should go find that mouse and find a place to sleep tonight. Can I come visit you, Patch? You seem like a very nice dog. I like your very handsome eyes,”

As she looked up at me, my face felt warm and I smiled, “Yes, Asha, please come visit me.” 

And so, Asha came to visit me every day at 5 pm. We would talk about the weather and all the adventures she had outside. I told her about the places my humans took me too and about the rambunctious children of the big humans that lived here too.

One day, Mom noticed that I was preoccupied at 5pm by the backyard door. She saw Asha and started giving her some treats and pets. I told Asha that my mother was very nice and Asha agreed. After a month or two of 5pm visits, Asha suddenly stopped coming and I got very worried. I asked my mom where she could be, but mother didn’t understand me. However, she did look worried when the treats weren’t eaten.

There was a few weeks of that until Asha finally showed up again. She looked tired and seemed to have lost weight. I barked really loud and Mom saw her. Mom brought her inside and took her somewhere. There was a whole day without Mom and Asha. I played with the kids and Dad, but my mind was with Asha.

When Mom came back, she didn’t have Asha. I asked her where she was and I couldn’t make her understand me. Weeks passed.

Then there was the day Mom and Dad came home with Asha in a box. They opened the box door and set her down on the floor next to me. Asha came right to me and pushed her little body next to me. 

“Are you OK, Asha?  I missed you so much!” I licked her head.

“Please don’t ever let them take me to that place with the cold white walls. I live here now and I want to be with you forever. You’re warm,” she snuggled into my fur. 

My heart melted. She had been taken to the vet, who I hate as well. But she was here with me now.

I enveloped my body over hers and my humans made a weird noise, “Awwwwww!” they said.

Asha, my love, is my cat now.


  1. Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash